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                     The Very Best In Museum-Quality

     We offer to the most discriminating collector the
     very finest model cannons constructed to the
     highest museum-quality standards at a very
     reasonable price. Compare these models to any
     others and the difference will be obvious. This line
     of models has been produced in the United States
     since the 1970s' of the best quality American
     materials and workmanship.

     Our models are the proud posessions of a wide
     range of people who live all over the globe. The
     models are found on the desks of Top Level
     Executives, Scholars, Gererals and other Military
     Leaders, Historians, Museum Directors and lovers
     of Cannons and Art everywhere. Our models have
     been presented to graduating Midshipmen at the
     United States Naval Academy.

     Many, many more of our cannon models grace
     tables, shelves and mantles in private homes
     throughout the United States, as well as in a
     number of other countries.

     You too, can own a museum-quality
     crafted centerpiece of attention that give you pride
     in ownership and provide an heirloom to pass
     down to future generations to come.

    Note: All models that are shown
    on the page titled "Models" are
    black powder firing. Other firing
    models will be indicated in their
PLEASE NOTE: effective July 15, 2012 price increase. I have tried to hold prices steady for over 10 years, but price increase was un-avoidable. This is directly attributable to the recent rises in the cost of brass material. The main reason for this increase is the US relation with China. My brass is US MADE. It is NOT Chinese. The problem is that the Chinese are demanding payments owed to them by the US in industrial metals. They do not want payment in US cash. This drives up the prices up worldwide. The metals market is stable for now, but prices are expected to continue slowly rise.

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