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  The 24 pounder Naval Gun, both 1:10 and 1:8 scale

This model is either a 1:10 (large) or 1:8 (small) scale in every detail of the 24 pounder Naval Gun found on early American frigates like the "Constitution" also known as "Old Ironsides", which were the pride of the country. In fact, our models were actually patterned directly from the American-made 24 pounder originals on board the Constitution.

A deck of these 24 pounders delivered a devestating broadside to an enemy ship and was a force feared and respected by every seafaring nation on earth. A ship with a full compliment of 24s' really did "rule the sea". This greatly added to the security of our young nation.

                                                 Photo of a 6 ft. 4 inch man holding the Large 24

                                 The Yorktown Mortar
The model is 1:10 scale accurate in every detail of the famous mortars used by General Washington and his allies at the battle of Yorktown. This battel resulted in America winning her independence. The original mortars fired a hollow cast iron ball filled with black powder, actually, a fused bomb fired at a high angle designed to fall down upon the enemy behind a wall or into his trenchworks.

When this bomb, carefully timed and fused, exploded just above ground level, the bursting charge inside the ball broke it into many deadly fragments. This caused catastrophic damages to, and losses of, persons so unfortunate as to be on the recieving end and caused great fear in the enemy.

                             The Dahlgren Naval Shell Gun

  This model is a 1:8 scale in every detail of the Dahlgren Naval Shell Gun found on almost all ships, monitors (ironclads) and in some fortifications on both sides of the American Civil War. The original guns had a distinctive two-truck (two wheeled) carriage recently developed by the French called the Marsilly Improvement, which allowed very fast movement of the gun about the gundeck.

This model is 100% accurate in depicting this feature. Another Dahlgren feature is a vertical elevation adjustment screw, unlike other naval pieces of the time. A very strong design, the Dahlgren had a unique appearance and came to be known as "The Soda Bottle".

The Dahlgren Naval Shell Gun has tremendous visual appeal as well as having been the most advanced design of its' time. This design is what is called a transitional piece, since in the years after the Civil War, rifled bore cannon replaced the Dahlgren. Nevertheless, the Dahlgren was an extremely prolific presense in both ships and forts almost anywhere that there was a conflict or bombardment. These great guns were on vessels on both sides of the Civil War. Of note, the Dahlgren guns were equipment on both the US "Monitor" and the Confederate States "Virgina".

                                    The Thunder Mug

The model has a threaded hole (not pictured) in the base (or rear) end if it. Using a suitable screw, the model may be bolted to a base.  All powder mugs did not have flanged bases, so either with or without base is correct. 

The model offered is patterned directly after an original Spanish Thunder Mug (see photos of original below). The reproduction has the addition of one extra ring about the middle so that in future generations it will not be mistaken for an original piece. The history of each use of the model is as follows:

In the very early days, black powder was of dubious quality and unknown character. It was necessary to test each batch of incoming powder just before its' use in battle to determine its' viability and usefulness. The Thunder called because of its' appearance was the earliest black powder testing device. Basically, the Mug was loaded with powder, a fuse inserted and then lit, igniting the powder. The resulting explosion would indicate the quality of the powder batch. The Mug is in reality, a large reusable "fire cracker". Mugs would sit upright upon the flat end with the muzzle pointed up. Many Mugs had a handle on the side, but just as many did not, as in the case of the Spanish original pictured below. We can offer a variety of optional bases for our model.

                                                Original Spanish Thunder Mug                      


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